CBSE Class 10, 12 Board Exam 2021 passing criteria not revised

A recent post on social media made the rounds in which the Ministry of Education announced that the criteria for passing the CBSE Class 10, 12, 2021 exam had been revised. Many students who would be taking the board exams this year panicked for this new update. However, the GDP of the central government central agency blew up this falsified information and made it clear that the Minister of Education had not made such an announcement or that the council had not made any announcement about it.

The Press Information Office used its official Twitter account to verify the facts and provide clarifications. He wrote: Allegation: –A post on social media claims that the 10th and 12th spots in 2021 have been lowered to 23% to pass the 33% board exam now. #PIBFactCheck: – This statement is false. @EduMinOfIndia has made no such announcement.

The fake post claiming a substantial change in the passing criteria for Council Exams 10, 12 and 2021 has gone viral on social media platforms. The Post said that based on the recent government announcement for the 2021 board exams, the scores required to pass the exam have been lowered from the existing 33% to the new 23%. The bogus post also included PM Modi’s image to add authenticity to the bogus statement.

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